Windows Azure Update

Today Microsoft announced a bunch of new updates on Windows Azure. Here’s a sum up of the updates announced today:

Windows Azure Active Directory Reaches General Availability
Windows Azure Active Directory (AD) has reached general availability and is now ready for production use!
Vittorio Bertocci also announced some new features: read his blog.

Backup and Recovery Services
A new service announced today is the ability to enable backup and recovery protection with Windows Server. You can manage your cloud backups from the familiar backup tools in Windows Server and System Center Data Protection Manager to provide a consistent experience configuring, monitoring and recovering backups across local disk and cloud storage. More info can be found here.

Monitoring and Diagnostics Improvements on Azure Web sites
Azure Web sites is still in preview, but got some new monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. This includes the ability to easily turn on/off tracing and store trace + log information in log files that can be easily retrieved via FTP or streamed to developer machines.
Read Scott Hanselman’s Blog for all the details.

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