Great new Azure announcements @Teched 2013 North America

Last week was Teched 2013 North America, and there were a lot of exciting new announcements made by Microsoft. If you have 3 hours to spare… watch the complete keynote here.

Here’s a summary of all the new thinks I found on Windows Azure.

Stopped VM’s will not be charged anymore
This is a great feature for my development and test environment where I always had to remove the VM to stop the charging.
As a bonus Microsoft changed from charging by the hour to charging by the minute!

MSDN Subscription benefits
As a MSDN Subscriber I’m excited about the new improvements. I can now use more resources, have the legal right to use the dev/test server licenses provided by my MSDN subscription and have a nice overview of my credit usage in the portal. (Read the detailed blog post by Scott Guthrie).

SSL Support with Azure Web Sites
If you put your site in Reserved mode you have the ability to upload a SSL certificate for your custom web-site domains. Don’t forget to select the SSL Binding after you upload your certificate… It took me an extra coffee break before I figured out why it didn’t work right away :-)

BizTalk Services
Microsoft announced a new service called BizTalk Services. It is a managed services which provide integration capabilities for the Windows Azure Platform to extend on-premises applications to the cloud. To try the new service you have to sign up via the Preview Features page in the portal.

Watch this episode of Cloud Cover show for more details.

Windows Azure Pack
Windows Azure Pack is the new name (and next version) of “Windows Azure Services for Windows Server” expected later this year.
The Pack will be an installable feature for Windows Server 2012 R2 and will bring some of the features that are currently Azure-only to the server platform.

Watch the video of Scott Guthrie wearing a BLUE shirt(!) talking about the Windows Azure Pack.